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Boxes and Slipcases:

Slipcases, two-piece boxes and clamshell boxes all serve to protect and prolong the life of your books.


A slipcase is the simplest type of box used to protect a book. The book 'slips' into the case, with its spine showing.

A slipcase is constructed of binder's board and then covered with cloth or paper. It can be gold-tooled on the front cover or spine. Alternatively, the slipcase can be decorated by printing an image and/or text on the cloth covering the slip.


Click on image for enlarged view.

Cloth-covered slipcase Cloth-covered slipcase with custom image Two-piece box
Cloth-covered slipcase holding two volumes.   An image was scanned from the cover of the book and printed on cloth to decorate the front of this slipcase.   Two-piece box with inset label.    


Clamshell Boxes

A clamshell box is an elegant way to protect any book. A clamshell box opens up like a book, and can be designed to mimic the look of an actual book. Clamshells can be covered with cloth, or designed with quarter or three-quarter leather bindings.


Click on image for enlarged view.

Cloth-covered clamshell box Clamshell box with envelope Three-quarter leather clamshell box
Cloth-covered clamshell with inset leather label and gold tooling.   A clamshell box opens like a book. This one contains a custom-made envelope with ribbon to hold a delicate pamphlet.   Three-quarter leather clamshell, with leather spine and corners. A map from the book was scanned and printed out on cloth to serve as the front cover decoration.